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For the love of the Labradoodle

We breed Labradoodles because we love them. We would like more people to discover this amazingly friendly, gentle and loving dog. 


We do not live on our breeding activity and only produce one or two litters per year. Some our our puppies go on to training to become guide dogs for the blind, and some go to families as pets and companions, in France and abroad. 


We take great care in providing our dogs and our puppies good living conditions and a loving home. 


Our dogs and us

Our dogs live with us on our small farm in the Loire Valley, and take part in everything we do. They live in the house and in our "puppy palace" and come with us for daily walks in the forest, swimming in the lake and visiting friends or even going to horse trials. They are very much part of the family.


All our dogs are health checked, vaccinated and wormed. They are socialised with visitors, including children, and other dogs.





How did we find the Labradoodle?

We discovered the Labradoodle originally in the UK when we got our first dog, Tom. Tom immediately took his place in our house and our hearts, and has been with us through thick and thin, ups and downs. His amazing emotional intelligence and ability to be there when needed really convinced us of the qualities of the Labradoodle. The old saying is true - a dog is a man's best friend.





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