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Our Puppies


We are a small family-based breeder of Labradoodles, and we only have 2 litters per year. Below you will see photos of our previous litters.

If you are interested in getting a puppy from our future litters, please contact us.




Nessie & Spirit's 2023




Hulda & Navajo 2023




Samba & Sprit's 2023




Hulda & Oscar 2022




Nessie X Getro 2021




Hertta X Tom 2021




Hertta X Tom 2020




Nessie X Getro 2020




Jenny X Tom 2020




Jenny X Tom 2018




Kentucky X Getro 2018




Jenny X Tom 2017




Helmi X Tom 2017




Jenny X Tom 2016




Kentucky X Getro 2015

Helmi X Tom 2015

Helmi X Tom 2014

Helmi X Tom 2013

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